It’s Not Just How Much You Lift. What You Eat is Important Too

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Hi, I’m Homer Daniel and I own Native Swift where we offer you a holistic guide to fitness. We don’t juts focus on what you do but how you do things. That you’re hear means you want to learn. We promise that we have a lot that you can learn from us! We’re excited for you to join us!

Protein-Rich Food

you don’t need to go full carnivore to bulk up  

Carbs Essentials

you need these to fuel your workout  

Meal Planning

well teach you what to eat from breakfast to dinner.   

Five is Better

small frequent meals are better than three big ones

Eating to Recover

the Science of Muscle Building   


Quadriceps Stretches

The quadriceps are four muscles located in the anterior part, or front, or your thigh. This muscle group acts to extend ...

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What People Say

I’m a gym rat but also big fan of fastfood. I already know I need to improve my diet to get better definition and improve my performance. There are a lot of resources I can tap but I wanted to get my info from people who do this for a living.  Their lessons are practical and really opened my eyes why I need to improve my diet. With their help, I’ve grown stronger

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