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An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform which helps developers build Web Applications

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Your own AI assistant

When was the last time you wrote assembly code? Build full web apps or single components. Build once, tweak forever. Forking has a whole new meaning now.

Dont re-invent the wheel

Truely Open Collaboration. Stop searching for code in Github or Google. All public components are available to you - just ask Dhi.

You Command. It builds. Simple.

Building applications is time consuming and requires writing, debugging and comprehending many lines of code. Dhi enables you to both work at a high level of requirement or go very deep to build a component.

Type / Ask

Turn… Conversations into Specifications.

Sam is looking to build an Image Carousel and has started a conversation with Dhi.

Concept 0

Dhi has provided Sam with 2 Product Image Carousel options

Concept 0

Sam wants to add an additional column on the right and has requested Dhi to add one!

Concept 0

Dhi adds an additional column successfully.

Concept 0

Creation by Exploration

Dhi, has deep domain knowledge. Various browser quirks - check. Flexboxes, Twitter Bootstrap - check. AngularJS, ReactJS - check.

Concept 0

Want to be a beta tester ?

Private instances free forever for first 1000 signups. Get it Now!